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About Us
About Us

Bad Ass Cars is owned by Arron Johnson, a long time racer and hot rodder that grew-up in the east bay area of northern California. Remember when you were in school and there was that kid with the baddest car in town?... that was Arron. Never took auto shop, never played by the rules, and never took any prisoners when it came to building cars and engines. Arron was truly the "John Milner" from American Graffiti in his area.

Since then, Arron has built countless cars and engines that have won all kinds of shows, been in numerous magazines, have set track records at several tracks, and have been class champions in numerous race circuits, from drag racing, to road racing, to mud bogs, to Baja off road racing, to drag boats, to Bonneville & beyond!

"My shop is equipped to handle pretty much any task for any street car, race car, truck or boat. I deal on a personal level with each of my clients and provide the highest quality & best service possible. My reputation and track record of thousands of happy clients around the world speaks for itself."

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About Us:

Since 1979 Arron's shop has been building street and race engines & cars for thousands of happy customers around the world. We've developed a world wide reputation for building some of the baddest cars and most reliable engines around. We have engines and cars winning races and car shows all across America and in numerous countries around the world such as Germany, Norway, Turkey, Egypt, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and beyond! Bad Ass Cars truly IS world wide!

Whether it's road racing, vintage motor sports, drag racing, Bonneville, drag boats, pleasure boats, off shore race boats, hill climbing, mud bogs, 4 wheeler's, rock crawlers, pro-street, hot rods, show cars, cruisers, or factory original muscle cars, we build and service them!


Edelbrock Arron Johnson

Arron is the official tech host for Edelbrock, the industry's highest regarded / most trusted performance automotive components manufacturer. When you buy an Edelbrock product, you get a DVD in the box with highly detailed, easy to follow visual instructions on how to properly install that product. Arron films and hosts those videos. Arron was also behind several of Edelbrock's components, including specific cylinder heads & intake manifolds. He also writes numerous tech articles for several magazines, automotive after market companies, and performance auto web sites.


About Us

Arron, the "Bad Ass" of performance engines and vehicles! His 30+ year reputation is second to none!

about us


Bad Ass Cars is located in the heart of the wine country in Sonoma, California, just 45 minutes North of San Francisco and only 10 minutes North of Sears Point Raceway (Infineon Raceway).


We provide a whole array of services such as: Engine & Tranny building & installations, rear-end installations, custom head porting, welding & fabrication, glass beading manifolds and aluminum parts, custom wiring, Holley carburetor customizing and re-building, disc brake conversions, custom fuel & brake line plumbing, as well as lots of other services. be sure to check out our Services page for more details & info.

If you want to come-by for a visit, ALWAYS call first... BAD ASS CARS is by appointment only!


Bad Ass Choppers, Bad Ass V-Twin, Bad Ass Cars, Bad Ass Customs, Bad Ass Boats, Power Building Videos, Auto Shop Videos, and the slogan - "Knowledge Is Horsepower" are all trademarks registered with the United States Patent & Trademark Office, and are all owned by Arron Johnson. All Rights Reserved.

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