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Shipping Policy:

Engine core and shipping policy.

CORES: Although many of our engine prices are listed as "outright", which means we do not need your old engine core to get the price shown, some engines do require a core trade-in depending on how hard to find that particular engine is. Rebuilder's need cores (your old engine) to have something to rebuild for the next guy. This is the same policy that you'll find at your local auto parts store when buying a rebuilt alternator or starter. They charge you a core charge and you get that "deposit" back when you return your old (rebuildable) unit, unless you brought the old one in with you, in which case you avoid the core charge all together. Engines work exactly the same way. If you bring your old engine in with you, (or ship it to us somehow), there is no core charge. Otherwise, we will charge you what it will cost us to buy another rebuildable unit. We do not profit from core charges. 

Core charges for engine blocks (with crank and rods intact) are usually about $220.00 but depending on the rarity (such as a 4 bolt main 454 engine) it could run as high as $700.00 That is what we get charged if we need one to start with. Head cores are usually $100.00 or so a pair. Some big block heads are a little more. Some customer's say, "Hell, I can go get a complete junk yard engine for only $100.00". That's fine and dandy there buddy, but if you work-in the time it takes to go get it, load it up, bring it back, unload it, disassemble it, clean it, then check to make sure it is indeed rebuildable and has no cracks or anything like that, you have just eaten-up at least a half day. It takes us a half day as well and if we're out hunting for $100.00 junk yard engines all day long, we're going to have to charge somebody for it.

If your core is damaged, you might not have all of the original core deposit returned. Cases like this, such as, blocks that have a cylinder damaged so bad that it needs a sleeve or a crank throw that was worn down so bad that it needs to be welded, will have an additional charge. So, if your engine core charge was $200.00 and you brought (or sent) your engine to us for credit, you may not get 100% of it back if your core is not in sound / rebuildable shape. Cylinder sleeves run about $80.00 per hole and welding a crank throw costs about $40.00 each. A missing connecting rod may cost $15.00 to replace, so keep all of this in mind when returning your core(s). They HAVE to be rebuildable or to us, they are nothing more than an old boat anchor. Cores that are not rebuildable have NO VALUE whatsoever. This includes cracked blocks, blocks missing main caps, blocks that have already been bored so far that we can not bore it any further, badly rusted blocks that have "pits" in the cylinders when bored, cracked heads, rods missing caps, and so on.

SHIPPING: When we first started building engines (2 decades ago) we only had local customers. This web site was mainly intended for our local customers, (San Francisco Bay Area and beyond) who would simply drive to our shop and pick-up their engine(s). Now, thanks to the World Wide Web, we have customers all over the US. Engines are heavy and can only be shipped by truck freight. Truck freight carriers have prices that vary greatly depending on if they routinely go to your area, already have a truck headed your way, etc. We have seen shipping prices go from as little as $250.00 and on up to $400.00.

DVD and apparel shipping.

We usually ship UPS ground on most items. Smaller items such as orders for one or two DVDs will be sent via Proirity Mail with a Delivery Confirmation. Please allow 7 tp 10 days for delivery.


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