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Blown big block with EFI

Blown big block with EFI

This nice, blown and injected big block belongs to John Cooper in New Zealand. Blown big blocks like this make awesome power and run quite tamely on the street. With the new EFI systems like this BDS unit, you can just reach-in, turn the key and it fires right up and runs like a champ! This power plant has all forged internals, a nice .640" lift hydraulic roller blower grind cam, rectangle port Edelbrock heads and all of the other usual " high quality" goodies we put into our engines. We actually have 2 engines going to New Zealand this year, and two others going to their Australian neighbors too.

This particular engine was in the neighborhood of $17,000 or so way back in 2,000. Since prices of things have gone-up so much, you can expect this same engine today to run an easy $20,000 - $22,000 with that EFI system. Add billet braclst and pulleys, fuel lines, a water pump, etc, etc and you just jumped up another $2,000 or so REAL fast.

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