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Is supercharging really the way to go for all-out power?

Yes, there’s no doubt that supercharging is the way to go for just about any application, be it a hot street car, a truck that needs some extra balls for towing, for race cars or just about any situation where more power is needed. 

There are several different types of superchargers, (aka “blowers”, “huffers”, etc.). There are Roots type blowers which are the kind you see on dragsters and nasty street cars with the blowers sticking out of the hood. There are centrifugal blowers that are mounted off the side of the engine like a large alternator so it all fits under the hood. There are turbos, which do the exact same thing as a centrifugal supercharger, except they are driven by exhaust flow rather than a drive belt. Either way, they ALL force more fuel and air into the engine, which results in higher cylinder pressures, which is the basic key to making horsepower. You gain “about” 18 HP per Lb of boost on average. Most street kits have between 4 and 7 psi of boost. Most race engines have 10 psi or above. 20 psi in a typical race prepped small block engine makes about 900 HP. 30 psi in the same engine can make over 1,000HP pretty easily. I haven’t hung-out with the top fuel crowd in many moons, but I hear they are running about 50 psi of boost these days, which is a lot more than what we were running way back when. Supercharged engines can be run in stock trim or race trim. They can run on pump gas, on alcohol or on race fuel. They can be carbureted, injected or just about any way you want to run them. Pretty much everything about superchargers is good. We build a lot of supercharged engines for the street, for the track, for boats and trucks and everything in between. There’s a LOT to supercharging, but I ain’t gonna go into it all here, ‘cause this is free info and I ain’t got all day to be teachin’ everyone this stuff. If you want a BAD ASS supercharged engine for your ride, that will run reliably and make more power than you ever dreamed of having, then the only thing you really need to know is our phone number, and we’ll build you one.

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