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Would your 375 - 400 HP 302 be a good engine for a truck?

Not really. There’s a BIG difference between horsepower and torque. That engine, because of it’s higher power rating, makes less torque on the bottom-end, so if it was in a heavy vehicle such as a truck, or when trying to pull a load, a small engine like this would fall on its face at low RPM’s. It would be a better idea to focus more on torque rather than horsepower when dealing with any heavy vehicle, especially trucks, and most small cubic inch V-8’s can’t make much torque simply because of their short crank shaft stroke. Keep in mind, ANY small cubic inch, high power engine, needs to see higher RPM’s before it can make it’s power, (remember the BOSS 302, the Chevy DZ 302’s and early 327’s, the Shelby 289’s and so on?) so just because an engine like this can make 350- 400HP, doesn’t mean it’ll make all that power under 3,000RPM. It’s more like between 4,500 and 6,500RPM is where the “power band” is going to be... not much good for a truck at all.

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