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Bad Ass Mustang

Bad Ass Mustang

This bad to the bone, twin supercharged / twin nitrous system 65 Fastback was my personal car. It has a killer 347 stroker with all forged internals, including a light weight forged crank, H-beam rods, JE pistons, race ported Victor Jr. heads, a .630” roller cam and a few other goodies that are completely one of a kind.

Aside from the pair of 55 mm cog driven Paxton NOVI 1200 supercharges, it has a dual nitrous system. One acts as an intercooler and the other is a fuel / nitrous delivery system. It also has a one of a kind intake manifold that we fabricated out of what was once an Edelbrock RPM “air gap” manifold that we machined the entire insides out of and TIG welded a custom made dual carb mount for the pair of one of a kind carbs on top.

The carbs I designed myself and had my friends at Quick Fuel Technology build them. Basically with a small block Ford like this, you are really limited on space, so 2 in-line double pumpers were simply out of the question, and mounting a pair sideways would create more headaches with linkages and such than I wanted to mess with, so I came up with the idea of making a pair of shorty double pumpers out of vacuum secondary carbs by using 4160 series front bowls all the way around and getting rid of the transfer tubes. I also wanted annular discharge boosters and metering blocks on both the front and the rear, which most vacuum secondary carbs just don’t have. By doing this, it allowed us the space to mount them both in-line for the pair of bonnets.

It runs absolutely awesome! We ran it on a chassis dyno just to check the air / fuel ratio and it makes 614 HP at the rear wheels on pump gas without any tuning and without the nitrous system in use!. That is about 700 HP at the flywheel. We never ran it on the chassis dyno with the nitrous system. There was no need to. It is already completely out of control when you drive it, so there is no use for the nitrous when you already can’t keep it straight or pointed in the direction you would like to be going.

If you want to see this car make a low 11 second pass (with the driver letting off the gas between shifts) ten watch the video clip below. You'll see our 69 Camaro make a 9 second pass when we were qualifying for our NHRA license, and then you'll see this Mustang peel off an EASY 11.30. This car has gone into the upper 10's @ 124 MPH in full street trim and crappy Cooper street tires. It is VERY hard to hook this thing up when it is only running plain street tires! Watch it launch, you'll get the idea. It has to launch real soft and slow or it'll just shred the tires and not go anywhere. Cars running 3 seconds slower launch harder than this thing does because it was set-up for road racing not drag racing, (there is zero weight transfer and suspension travel when it launches), and if you listen close you can hear the driver we had in it that day actually letting off on the gas between shifts. It sounds like a 4 speed car but it's an automatic. Not bad for a car that drives on the street like any other car does. That ain't no crate motor in that baby!







mustang race track

Here is the Mustang at Infineon Raceway around 2009. At this point it had been running verry low 11's in full street trim, on pump gas at about 120 MPH with no nitrous. It REALLY has troubles hooking up so it has to be launched like a little old lady driving to church. Watch the video above and you'll see the car make one of the runs. It finally made it to the 10's at 124 MPH on a later date.

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