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468 Bad Boy

468 Bad Boy

This bad to the bone blown "street" 468 belongs to Carl Di Donato out in Philadelphia. It's going into his 67 Camaro Pro Street car to send the "wanna-be's" in his area home packin'! This one is built on a fully machined heavy duty 4 bolt main block stuffed with a 4340 forged steel crank, 4340 H beam rods and forged blower pistons all balanced to within a 1/4 gram. It has large rectangle port heads and a custom roller valve train that's all set-up to accommodate the big, BDS 8-71 huffer on top. This monster can make easy 4 digit horsepower numbers on any given day. Carl wanted his engine pretty much "turn key", and that's the beauty of getting a "custom built" engine, you can get it any way you want it! If you want something like this, figure on spending upwards of $19,000, which is a bargain considering everything that went into this baby. So, is it streetable? Of course it is, or we wouldn't call it a "street" engine, although this one would smoke most "race" engines on any given day.

You can expect to shell out about $19,000 for something comparable to this baby. With a little less stuff, it'll cost a little less, add more cool stuff to it and the price will go up accordingly. You get the idea....


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