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70 Mach 1 with Nitrous

70 Mach 1 with Nitrous

This bad to the bone yet stock looking '70 Mach 1 belongs to a cool guy out of Napa named Dan Frey. He came to us for an engine rebuild and a few upgrades. He was looking for a little more power, so out came the tired old 351C-4V for a face lift. While it was out, we converted it into a 393 cubic inch stroker with a 4340 forged crank, 4340 speedway rods, custom made JE pistons, a nasty .617" lift roller cam and light weight roller valve train. It also got a stage II port job on the heads and a port matched intake manifold. At the same time, we fitted this car with headers and a 3,000 RPM stall converter. It has instant throttle response and is hard to keep straight when you nail the throttle. Oh, did I forget to mention the little shot of nitrous? Needless to say, the engine made just over 500HP on the chassis dyno, and 620 HP on the chassis dyno with a small shot of juice. It looks stock but trust me, it is fast as hell!

Mach 1 cleveland
351C-4V with nitrous

Looks tame enough... but it sure as hell isn't "tame" with 620 HP!

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