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1,300 HP Camaro

1,300 HP Camaro

This bad to the bone 69 Camaro is our personal shop toy. It was an ex 8 second nitrous car that we bought out of So Cal a couple of years ago and then completely stripped it down, put it on a rotisserie and did about $55,000 in body & paint work to it. It is as gorgeous underneath as it is on the top side.

Although we do race this beast, this car is street registered and has been street driven! The fully aluminum interior was upholstered in black so it looks really nice, plus it cuts down on the noise. It has a narrowed 9" rear end with 4 link, plus 40 spline axles and 3.91 gears. It is all Strange suspension in the front-end.

The engine is a custom built, 509 cubic inch BBC with all light weight, full solid roller valve train, CNC'd AFR 357 cc rectangle port heads, Lunati rods and crank, JE pistons, and is topped with a BDS 8-71 large bore / air lock huffer driven at 20% over for approximately 18 psi of boost, plus a BDS electronic injection system.

The tranny is a custom built TH400 with a trans brake and a 6,000 RPM stall converter. The chassis was NHRA certified for 7 second passes. It has a parachute mount hidden behind the license plate for when it is on the track and exceeds 150 MPH in the quarter right at 8 seconds. Not bad for a car that is all steel, all real glass, a full interior and weighs-in at a whopping 4,015 Lbs!! WITHOUT a driver! That's like a pro ball player throwing a 100 MPH pitch with a bowling ball!

If you want to see this beast running, click on the video clip below. You'll see this Camaro plus our twin supercharged 65 Mustang in full street trim (full length exhaust and full treaded DOT tires on pump gas) peel off a low 11 second quarter mile pass. The Mustang has ran an 11.00 @ 134 MPH in full street trim, but this day in the video was a very hot day at the track and the driver was letting off the gas between shifts, Listen and you'll hear it. The Camaro was running high 9's that day simply because (as indicated on the windshield), the driver was qualifying for his NHRA license and wasn't ALLOWED to go any quicker than 9.90's, so we ran right at 9.90's. The car runs 8's in the quarter mile now. Watch the video, you'll get the idea.

Bad Boy Camaro
Bad Boy Camaro
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