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302 Full roller with EFI

302 Full roller with EFI

This nice little EFI equipped 302 is destin to be dropped into an early Mustang. We do all sorts of EFI systems and installations for early muscle cars.

A good "base line" (long block) engine for something like this can run anywhere from $4,750 or so, on up to $6,000 or so area, (depending on what goes in it), and then add the cost of the EFI system onto that. A typical EFI system like this starts off at about $2,000 and they go up to about $4,000 depending on which one you go with and how complete of a system it is. Many of the cheaper systems don't come complete.

Of course it's much less expensive to just go with a good carb. We can do it anyway you want.

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