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Photos From The Show

Photos From The Show

A lot of people have been asking how my new video series has been doing so I thought I'd put-up a couple of pics from our debut release at this year's SEMA show in Vegas. The response we got was overwhelming! Everyone loved them and we will soon be having them in stores around the world. If you want one, be sure to go to our other web site at  and purchase one from one of the dealers on our "where to purchase" page.


That's my friend Vic Edelbrock, his daughter Christi and of course, my ugly mug in our booth at the show. They came-by to visit us for a while on a few occasions. They are really great people. I use a lot of Edelbrock components in my shop, but I am not endorsed by them and I do not receive any funding from them, or anybody.


L-R: Myself, Mike Thermos, Scott Cochran and Nick Paciulli. Mike Thermos is a friend of mine and he came-by my booth to say hello and brought two of his colleagues. Mike is one of the founding partners of the famous NOS company. A few years back, he sold it to Holley and now he has started a new company called Nitrous Supply down in Huntington Beach California. ( ) They specialize in selling and designing multiple brands of nitrous systems and they do custom plumbing of nitrous systems, such as fogger systems. 

Mike's friend next to him is Scott Cochran from national Dragster Magazine who was interested in doing an article on our new line-up of DVD's, and next to Scott is Nick Paciulli who used to be one of the big guy's for Petersen Publishing. You know... Hot Rod, Car Craft, 4-Wheel & Off-Road, Sport Truck, Circle Track and Rod & Custom magazines. Mike took-on our Nitrous Oxide DVD and is having Nick do some promo stuff on it. All three of these guy's are really a great bunch of guys and are true legends in the hot rod industry!


That's me again with Stacey David, host of the popular TV show TRUCKS, and Christi Edelbrock. Stacey met me at last year's SEMA show when I was showing a few prototypes of my DVD's around and he said "Hey, those are great, I want to showcase those on my TV show". This year he came-by to see us and we are working on getting our whole line-up on his TV show in 2006. Stacey is a hell of a nice guy! A real, "no BS" type of guy. Christi came-by to say hello again while she took a break from their VERY busy Edelbrock booth, which was about 80 feet away from our booth. We all talked for about 2 hours that day.

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