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Mike's 66 Cobra

Mike's 66 Cobra

This gorgeous 66 Cobra belongs to Mike Noel out of Walnut Creek, CA. It came into our shop a flat red with a red interior and what was thought to be a healthy 460. 

After we pulled the engine out, the car went to Big Steve at Acme Custom's in Sebastopol where it got re-painted this gorgeous burgundy and then a new black interior was installed.

In the mean while, we took the so called "healthy" 460 and turned it into a bad to the bone 522 cubic incher with an all forged 4340 steel rotating assembly, a custom ground .600" roller cam and light weight roller lifters, Ford Racing aluminum Super Cobra Jet heads with stainless steel rollers, and a custom ported 8 port EFI system among many, many other things. Notice there's no distributor? It has a crank trigger system and 8 coil packs that fire the ignition. It has enough raw torque to shred the Doug Nash 5 speed that sits behind it! Let's just say it's making an easy 600+HP on pump gas. One other engine builder that went for a ride in it with Mike at a Cobra event back East said "this thing is BAD-ASS!", and Mike said, "as a matter of fact... it IS a Bad-Ass!" We did everything from plumbing-in the new fuel system to building and installing the engine, to fabbing-up the custom ignition components and everything beyond that makes this monster roar down the road! You'll know when Mike's coming down the road because the ground literally shakes! Watch for this beast at local car shows.

west coast cobra

Update On This Car

66 Cobra big block

As with most 8 stack induction systems, they have their quirks on the street. If you want to learn more about that subject, I wrote an article in my Tech Tips section on it if you want to learn the truth about them by clicking HERE.

Mike got tired of the quirks and decided it was time to not only get rid of the 8 stack EFI system, but get rid of the 522 all together. No, he didn't go smaller or tamer, not Mike... nope, he went BIGGER and even BADDER with a VERY nasty 547 cubic inch beast using a Ford Racing A 460 block with a monster 4.500" bore. He also opted for a set of Kaase Racing P51 heads along with a LOT of other big time power making options. Oh, and the induction system? A pair of small Quick Fuel Technology 4 barrel carbs on a port matched intake manifold. This thing has a RIDICULOUS amount of power. It is hard to control when you blip the throttle.

Also, while the car was here we got rid of that fake "roll bar" and fabricated a set of REAL roll bars, plus we got rid of his tiny little 16 gallon fuel tank and fabricated a really nice 32 gallon fuel cell, so now he can drive for a while without needing to re-fuel.

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