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Blown small block Chevy

Blown small block Chevy

This is one of our typical pump gas small blocks that make an easy 500 - 600 or so HP without a strain, and can be pumped-up to make even more power. This particular guy opted for a Milodon oil pan and timing cover and then had us paint them to match the engine, plus he wanted a more radical sounding cam, so we set him up with something that will not only sound like a monster, but will still go like one too!

With a Weiand blower and two in-line Holleys like this, it's the most price friendly set-up there is. Something like this with all forged internals, a nasty blower profile roller cam, and pretty much the way you see it in this picture would run you in the neighborhood of $15,000 - $16,000 depending on the variables. if you want it more complete with billet brackets and pulleys, belts, alternator, P/S pump, water pump, etc, etc, it can easily add another $2,000 or so to the price.

It'll go as good as it looks and be 100% reliable for years and years of fun. What more could you ask for?

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