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John's '63 Grand Sport

John's '63 Grand Sport

This unreal '63 Corvette "Grand Sport" belongs to John Iacoviello. It sports one of our Bad-Ass 350's specially prepped for road racing, plus a 4 speed trans and all of the best road racing goodies money can buy. John also owns a tame looking but not so tame running '81 Vette with a nitrous oxide injected engine we built for it. This is one car that is as much go as it is show! Watch for contending in SCCA road races!

John's 63 Grand Sport

Here is the car ripping through the corners in an open track event in front of a Shelby Cobra. 

John's 63 Grand Sport

Here is another shot of this beast ripping through the corners at the track! Fast, reliable and sturdy... the only way we build 'em!

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