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Well, this is my first blog. What a word. Who in the hell came up with that word anyway? It sounds like something that would require a dose of antibiotics to get rid of. 

Bad Ass Racing Engines is indeed closed to the public and is no longer taking-on any new projects. One of our customers for the past 7 years, (a VERY successful guy), has been hounding me for about 5 of those years to be his personal crew chief and only build cars and engines for him, plus maintain the 70 some odd cars, trucks, bikes, boats, planes, sand rails, 4 wheel drives, rock crawlers and everything else you can name that has wheels and an engine that he owns. So after thinking about it long and hard, I took him up on the offer.

His collection of toys ranges from Lamborghini’s, to Ferrari’s, to early American muscle cars, to bad to the bone, all custom Hummer’s (REAL H1’s not the fake, wanna-be H2’s and H3’s), to twin turbo’d RENNtech S600 Mercedes, to several fully customized Diesel trucks with about 1,500 Ft. Lbs of torque at the rear wheels, to 7 second quarter mile cars, to you name it. If it’s cool and fun to drive and has LOTS of power, he probably owns it. I can’t even begin to name all of the toys this guy has.

He loves to go down to Glamis & Pismo Beach to run 2 of his 650HP sand rails across the desert on wheelies, as well as many of his other sand-mobiles and race bikes at wide open throttle.

He is a true adrenaline junkie, and one hell of a cool guy to boot! The kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back on a cold day if it was something you needed. The coolest thing is, this guy (who will remain nameless) actually DRIVES these vehicles, and he drives them HARD! These aren’t show pieces sitting in some warehouse collecting dust just to say he owns them.

We still build all kinds of bad to the bone engines and cars, but as I said, it is only for my new boss now. Take a look in our GALLERY and you’ll see some of the “toys” this guy has, as well as some of the toys we have built for him, and are in the process of building for him.

Even though we are technically closed now, I hope you’ll still enjoy looking though the gallery and better yet, I hope my Tech Tips page gives you some good advice and helps put some of the old wives tales to rest. Also, be sure to visit my other site for my awesome DVDs at

Have a good one!

ps: Be sure to visit our booth at SEMA this year. We will be in booth # 20434 in the main hall. Stop by and say hello if you are attending the show. Our booth will be under our other business name of Power Building Videos. Hope to see you there!

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