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502 with D-2 Pro-Charger

502 with D-2 Pro-Charger

This was one of the generic GM ZZ502 crate motors, ( I know.. I hate generic crate motors but this is what the customer brought in to us), so out went some of the crappy parts that come in those engines, such as the low budget stamped steel rockers, the weennie steel push rods, the weak / stock main and head bolts, the weenie little single roller timing assembly and all of that kind of "hecho en Mexico" junk these things come with, and in went a WAY better roller valve train with a MUCH better billet roller cam, plus MUCH better ultra light (transfer bar style) roller lifters, Crane Gold roller rockers, ARP main and head studs, we ported the small port heads that come on these engines, as well as the Victor Jr. intake manifold, plus MUCH stronger Lunati 4340 speedway type rods, 4.500" ultra light JE blower pistons (which now makes it a 509 cubic inch engine), Total Seal plasma moly rings and lots of other little "goodies" like that in it now which make it WAY better and stronger than it was and MUCH better suited for a supercharger. Now it's all set-up to work with that monster D-2 Pro-Charger that sits off to the side with a 2" cog belt drive. No belt slippage problem anymore! Now it can make 4 digit horsepower in a very tame (and streetable) package. It ain't a generic 502 anymore, that's for sure! Now it's a 509 cubic incher on steroids!

These types of blowers are great for hiding under the hood of your car. As far as price goes, by the time you buy everything and make it complete, they cost about as much as a Roots type blower ($4,000 - $5,000+ depending). They function the same too, only better because they have less parasitic loss and make boost with RPM rather than too much too quickly like Roots blowers do.

You can expect something like this to run in the $14,000 - $15,000 or so area depending on the variables.

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