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347 stroker with weber carbs

347 stroker with weber carbs

For you small block Ford fans that want some serious "punch" for your ride (especially 65 / 66 Mustang's and 289 Cobra's) but you want to stay with the 289 / 302 block size, we do all kinds of stroker's and set-ups for you folks, such as this solid roller, 48IDF Weber topped 347 cubic incher! Is it streetable and will it run on standard pump gas? Of course! Want two 4's instead of the Weber's? Not a problem. Want a hydraulic roller cam rather than a solid roller? No problem. We can do ANYTHING you want!

Typically, something like this runs in the $12,000 to $14,000 area considering a Weber set-up like this starts out at about $3,500 or so, and they go up from there REAL fast.

This particular engine went into Farhad Faili's beautiful black GT 40 that you can see in our Gallery. His car was featured on TV a few times for a documentary on GT 40's. This little beast roars!

ford GT40

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