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Blown small block Chevy

Blown small block Chevy

We build lots of blown gas street engines for all kinds of applications. You can forget about those wives tales you've probably heard about blown engines not being reliable. Usually false tales like that start from people who have never even owned an engine like this. Our engines have a reputation for being VERY reliable and they start with ease, EVERY time. Want one for a daily cruiser? No problem. Want one for a weekend warrior? No problem. Want something more radical and with LOTS more power? No problem. We can build you just about anything you want, and you can bet it'll be "Bad Ass " all the way!

This particular set-up is one of the least expensive ways to go with a forged steel crank, 4340 I beam rods, TRW forged pistons, a killer blower grind flat tappet cam, RPM aluminum heads, aluminum roller rockers, a polished Weiand (pronounced Why-And) 6-71 huffer, and a pair of in-line Holley 600 carbs. It looks great. It sounds great and it goes like hell with 100% reliability. It can make anywhere from 450 to 600+ HP on pump gas and will last years and years, all for about $13,000 on up. With more goodies it'll run a bit more. It's a bargain for what you get as far as quality goes because it's a REAL engine built and set-up by a REAL pro that specializes in blowers, not some wanna-be that sticks a blower on a ZZ4 lower-end and pawns it off as something special. We don't build "cheap" engines like that.


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