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522 Big block Ford

522 Big block Ford

This is a 522 cubic, 600 HP (on pump gas) big block Ford street monster. We build all kinds small block and big block stroker engines, from big torque pullers for 4 wheel drives and heavy vehicles, to high horsepower / high reving drag and road race monsters. This one is electronic fuel injected with a distributorless ignition system. It has an all forged rotating assembly, a full roller valve train (just to name a few little features), bad to the bone ported heads that make some REAL horsepower and BIG time torque.

Want something like this beast in your car? Figure on dropping about $16,000 considering that EFI system was almost $6,000 all by itself! Not to mention the polished heads, polished water pump, polished timing cover and that kind of stuff. It adds up real fast.

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