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2008/10/03 New Web Site

Well? How do ya like my new site? Pretty cool huh?  I added a few new tech tips, put my DVDs on here, added a place where you can buy cool Bad Ass shirts and hats, (sorry, my wife ain't included. Well maybe she is for the right price! LOL), and all sorts of new goodies. Check back often. I'll be adding new things here and there and putting up more pictures of projects we've either done, or are working on.

If you are going to the SEMA show this year, be sure to come-by and say hi. We'll be in the main hall at booth # 20452 under our "Power Building Videos" name. My buddy Kevin Tetz (host of the TV show TRUCKS!) will be in the booth with us all week too so be sure to come-by and say Hi!.

Have a good one!




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