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351 Street Beast engine

351 Street Beast engine

This is one of our typical "Street Beast" 351W engines with a few extras (valve covers, water pump, etc.). These are great for early Mustang's, Cobra kit cars, hot street trucks and so on that want total reliability in a pump gas engine with plenty of power to shred the tires, yet not cost an arm and a leg either. As it says in our web site, we build each engine one at a time, for your specific needs. Want something a little more radical? No problem. Want something a little tamer... (probably not... 'cause that's no fun), but of you did, that isn't a problem either.

An engine like this is a perfect alternative to 331 or a 347 stroker. Why stroke a smaller / weaker engine and end up with less strength and power, when you can have a nice 351 like this sitting in your ride for the same cost? They bolt right in you know....

As far as price goes for something like this, you can get into one for about $6,500 - $7,000 ( + or -) with a flat tappet cam. They can easily go on up to the $8,500 or so price range though if you want it with a killer roller cam (real stuff, not the factory crap everyone else uses), and a few extras to really wake it up. Of course one with less stuff costs less, and one that is more complete will costs a bit more. It's all relevant and just a matter of what you want and how much you have for your engine budget.

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