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Sean's SLEEPER Chevelle

Sean's SLEEPER Chevelle

This very clean and pretty much bone stock 69 Chevelle belongs to Sean Reid from San Lorenzo, CA.

Sean was deployed over in Iraq, and while over there, wanted to come home to his high school car all built-up to the way he had always dreamed it would be, and oh boy, did it get built! Make sure you scroll all the way down the page to see what sits under the hood of this tame looking car.

old engine

It had a tired old 350 engine and TH-350 tranny in it. So this whole assembly came out.

sean engine

Sean was looking for some power, so after we yanked his tired old small block out, we built a bad to the bone, full foller, fully forged internal, aluminum headed big block backed by a Stage II 700R4 tranny with a 2,600 RPM stall converter. We also installed a killer aluminum radiator and a Currie 9" Ford posi rear end with 3.55 gears. Once that was all done, his entire exhaust system got upgraded to a 2/1/2" mandrel bent system with Delta Flow Flowmasters.

As you can see, when we do an engine install, we also clean-up the engine bay. It looks light years better now than it did when it came in, not to mention it has about 350 more horsepower than it did when it came in too!

sean engine b
engine build

His power plant consists of a 4 bolt main 454 block fitted with a forged lightweight crankshaft, Scat 4340 forged I-beam rods and TRW forged pistons, all fully balanced. A Crane hydraulic roller cam with light weight (transfer bar) roller lifters, a Cloyes double roller timing assembly & cam button, Rectangle port Edelbrock aluminum heads, Comp Cams "Pro Magnum" roller rockers, Comp Cams chrome moly push rods, an RPM "air gap" intake manifold topped off with a Quick Fuel Technology 750 carb and a tricked out MSD distributor among other things.

If there ever was a sleeper of a car, this would be it. The stock 350 side marker emblems he left on are sure going to raise eyebrows when he blows people's doors off.

reid 12
reid 15
Sean Reid's 69 Chevelle

As if Sean's car wasn't fast enough the first time around with the potent 468 we built for it, Sean decided it was time to take it over the top with a shot of nitrous oxide! Now this 530+ HP street beast has an ADDITIONAL 125 HP with a shot of nitrous! Look close and you'll see the large Edelbrock nitrous solenoids and additional fuel delivery lines to the fuel solenoid. Now this car really IS a sleeper from HELL!

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