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Is Global Warming Caused by Cars and The Burning of Fossil Fuels? You be The Judge…

So we all know the drill about Global Warming. Some say it is happening, other’s say it ain’t. Here are a few facts and a BIG thought for you to ponder. Regardless of what you believe, satellite pictures do show the polar caps melting, and melting quite rapidly. A few thousand years ago the earth was in an ice age and not it's not, so obviously this planet is an ever changing place. Heat waves, ice ages, massive droughts, Indian Summer’s, El Nino, massive extinctions of millions upon millions of animals, reptiles, birds and yes, humans too, so obviously this planet is an ever changing place, and things like polar ice caps most likely WILL melt in due time from natural causes, and maybe even come back again some day. I've even found sea shells while deer hunting at the top of Hirz Mountain at Lake Shasta, so obviously this planet has gone through some serious changes LONG before cars were even a thought in Fred Flintstone's mind.

So the big question is: Is this a result of “green house gasses” from the burning of fossil fuels, or is it something else EVERYONE seems to have over looked? In just the past few decades, we humans, with our technology, have done a few more things than just burn billions of tons of fossil fuels. Think about THE fastest way to heat-up water without the use of radiant heat. MICROWAVES!

What have humans done in the past 40 or 50 years besides burn more and more fuel? We’ve implemented the age of wireless communication via radio & microwaves! There are literally billons of watts of energy bouncing around in our atmosphere these days, ranging from powerful TV broadcast stations, powerful radio broadcast stations, hundreds of satellites orbiting our earth beaming down microwaves, cell phones, military radar, commercial airline radar - communications & ground control systems, GPS and things like On-Star, general navigation systems in most of our cars, CB radios, FM wireless key fobs that we use to open our car & garage doors, and everything in between. That is a LOT of microwave energy bouncing around in our atmosphere!

I was watching a TV show where a large ship was sitting in the artic surrounded by ice burgs of various sizes. I think it was that show with the ship named "Steve Irwin" where activists go out and try to stop Japanese whaler ships from killing more whales. Anyway... they said they could not use their radar system too much because it would actually start melting the ice burgs around them! Does that tell you anything? The misconception about radar is that it is “only” sound waves. Sound only travels at 1,130 feet per second at 70 degrees of air temperature. How could a radar system “ping back” an object 20 miles away if it takes in the neighborhood of 95 seconds for that “ping” to return? It’s because they don’t use sound waves, they use microwave & radio wave energy which travel at light speed! That energy is the SAME energy used in your microwave oven! Now imagine a crap load of military ships, submarines, planes, jets, etc. that use MUCH more powerful radar systems than that civilan ship all around the world, then imagine what they are doing to those ice caps and how they "could be" heating the oceans up slightly, causing El Nino's and big hurricanes like we have been seeing!

The #1 thing a microwave oven can do is heat water. It does that without heating the air. Put a cup of water in your microwave oven and heat it up until it’s hot. When you reach in to remove that cup is the air temperature inside that oven hot? No! That’s what they were actually designed for, heating liquids, food, etc. very rapidly without heating the air. So think about ALL of the microwaves in our tiny little atmosphere surrounding our earth and how we are bombarding our earth with billions of watts of microwave energy and then ask yourself, is Al Gore and all of his cronies right about humans creating global warming, (which we found out they were fudging numbers on to make it fit their agenda) and the overall warming of our oceans by burning fossil fuels? Or are they possibly half right in that yes, we ARE creating the warming of our oceans, but not ALL because of “green house gasses”, but because of wireless technology!

Yes, the earth is an ever changing planet and we have continually moved out of the last ice age. Have we accelerated it any? Maybe so, maybe not, but I think if it IS true, the blame is NOT only due to cars, trucks and green house gasses. I think we need to look at microwaves and radio wave energy as the underlying culprit. Just remember you head it here first. As Al Gore would say; "I invented it!", so this is MY idea and theory. When my idea is found out to be right, someone needs to strip that Nobel Peace Price from Al Gore and give it to me. He is wrong and I am right, so that prize is mine baby!

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