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2009/7/21 Just stuff

Well it's been a while since I left anything on here so I thought I'd add a pet peeve of mine. You ever watch those car TV shows? You know... the one's where they HAVE to finish that car by the dead line or the sky will fall? Those damn shows are SO fake it's pathetic! Dead line? For what? So the owner can take it to a show and win a $29 trophy? LOL

You do realize that in some shows (I won't name any names Overhaulin'), but there is a clause in the contract that says after they "finish" the car in 7 days, they get to keep the car for an additional 6 weeks to "finish" things. What bugs the shit outta me is I get calls asking how long it'll take to build a customer a car, and when they find out what it REALLY takes, they always seem to refer to one of those lame shows and say; "Well those guys can do a whole car in 7 days, why can't you do one in a few weeks?". It's hard to not roll on the floor laughing my ass off! I usually use something similar as an analogy because most guy's have tinkered with some sort of carpentry. I say: "You ever see those shows where they build an entire house in 7 days?" In reality, it takes MONTHS just to get through the BS red tape with the permits, environmental impact reports, getting PG&E to increase the power input to the now MUCH larger house, etc. let alone the delivery time waiting for the materials.

I just can't believe how gullible people are to believe that a car can be made in 7 days, or even WHY someone would WANT to do it in such a rush. The dead line thing is dead. I wish they'd make it go away.

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