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Two weeks ago I was working in my shop and the phone rang like it rings any other 30 or 40 times a day. My hands were clean at the moment so I answered it. The voice on the other end said: "Is this Arron? So I said "Yes it is". The voice said: "This is Jay Leno. I saw one of your DVDs and I think they're great. I want you to come down to my garage so we can have you on my Jay Leno's Garage show."  So I agreed and he put me in touch with his producer at NBC.

After talking with his producer, they wanted me there that coming Monday morning, so I packed up the family and we went down to Burbank. We had a great time. I've been in some world class shops and have seen some pretty awesome car collections before but Jay's shops are second to none! They rival the Harrah's auto collection on display in Reno. He had everything you can imagine, from Stanley Steamers to Lamborghini's to Bugatti's to Packard's to one of Chrysler's only remaining turbine powered cars. Then there are the bikes! 138 of them when I was there! All kinds of old race bikes, new race bikes, a turbine powered bike and even a steam engine powered bike. It was pretty amazing.

It isn't just the cars and bikes Leno has that make the shops cool. There are currently 5 shops all ranging in size from about 20,000 square feet to about 30,000 square feet. The memorabalia he has is incredible! Old gas pumps, old magazines and articles, old signs and banners, all kinds of cool old props that car dealerships used to display, and so on.

In person, Jay is not like what you see on TV. He's very quiet and very mellow. He has unreal blue eyes. I thought he was wearing blue contact lenses because they were so "electric blue" in color, but nope, that's his real eye color. You can't see that on TV. It just doesn't come out.

My segment is on his cool web site at be sure to check it out.

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