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2009/12/23 To Our Boys In The Military

I get e-mails from time to time from our boys in the military.  It is often while they are deployed over seas or over in the middle east. Word has it that Bad Ass Racing Engines has somewhat of a military cult following, and I can't be more proud.

So here's what I want to do for some fun; If you are in the military and you are a Bad Ass Racing fan, e-mail me and let me know. I'll send you some really cool Bad Ass Racing Engines decals for free. What do I ask in return? Put them on something cool, like a tank, a Bradley, an M2 or M3 .50 cal, the nose of a rocket on a jet, on a Hum-V or something like that and take your picture pointing to it and I'll put that picture on my web site. Tell this same message to all of your gear head military buddies and I'll do the same thing for them too.

Let's get a fun "Bad Ass" military campaign going. I mean after all... is there anything more Bad Ass than you guys? What I do & build ain't squat compared to the bad to the bone stuff you guys do, so let's start something fun that our boys over there can have a little fun with too, so they can see their pictures on my Bad Ass web site. I'll start a whole new gallery section just for my Bad Ass military fans and their cool pictures!

Most of you are too young to probably remember the famous "Kilroy Was here" drawings that our boys started back in the Korean war. Or was that Viet Nam? Either way, no matter where you went you found that little character drawn on things in the oddest places. Maybe we can do something like that with pictures of Bad Ass decals of where they're at with our boys pointing to them. I'll send over a few to any of our boys that e-mail me and give me their military APO address.

Also, if you aren't already an Oath Keeper, I suggest you become one. Check them out at

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