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350 Chevy street engine

350 Chevy street engine

This is one of our nasty street 350's all decked-out and ready to go. These will propel pretty much any basic street car deep into the 12's in the quarter mile in full street trim. They'll typically make 400 - 450HP depending on how radical you want it, and of course it's show quality.

We can build you anything you want, from a bare bones long block, to an all decked-out, polished and ready to go power-plant like this baby, it just depends on what you want, and what best suits your individual needs and budget. That's one of the beauty's of getting a custom built engine rather than a generic crate motor. Come-on now, your car's more worthy than just stuffing a weak, generic, crate motor in it, isn't it? Of course it is!

Something like this, with all forged internals, a full roller valve train, and all of the billet pulleys, brackets, etc, can easily run in the $9,000 - $10,000+ area.

Want to learn how to build and tune your own engines like this? Check out our highly detailed Auto Shop Videos series by clicking HERE

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