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408 Ford stroker engine

408 Ford stroker engine

This is one of our typical 500+ HP (pump gas) 408 cubic inch small block Ford strokers. Some of the basics these come with are; a 4340 forged steel crank, ultra long 6.250" 4340 H-beam connecting rods, JE super light pistons, Total Seal rings, completely balanced rotating assembly (within 1/4 gram), a billet aluminum main support with custom windage tray, a custom ground solid roller cam (over .640" lift) and ultra light solid roller lifters, (if you look close, you can see just how far the rocker arms push down the valves for some serious breathing!) ported Victor Jr. heads, (others available at varying costs), a ported Victor Jr, intake, an HP series Holley carb, ARP bolts holding everything together, a customized billet distributor and a whole bunch of other goodies.

This particular engine was built for Sherif Hwaidak in Cairo Egypt. It's going in his 66 Mustang. Yes, we do ship engines ALL over the world! We're not sure how 500 HP translates into Camel power though. Let's just say King Tut's chariot doesn't stand a chance against this beast!

Want something with even more power? Not a problem. Want something like this designed for low-end torque? Not a problem either. Typically on a dyno these make in the area of 500 - 540 HP and best of all, in the 540 - 575 Ft Lbs of torque area depending on the head runner size, cam profile, etc we use for your particular application. The options are endless. That's the beauty of getting a one of a kind, hand crafted, custom built engine like this. Leave the generic crate engines for the wanna-be guy's. There's nothing "Bad Ass" about a generic crate engine!

Something like this usually runs in the $10,000 or so area depending on the variables. It'll be a little more with more stuff such as upgrading to big breathing CNC'd heads, a Quick Fuel carb, billet accessories, pulleys, brackets, etc. These 408's stomp all over ALL of the generic crate engines out there!

Want to see an identical engine like this in action? Click HERE to see one. Make sure you note the STOCK suspension hanging down and the STOCK rear suspension on leaf springs with nothing more than 8" cheater slicks and Cal-Trac bars in FULL street trim. That car runs 10.60's at 125MPH in the quarter mile. Now honestly.... how many crate engine cars that CLAIM they make 500 horsepower actually make a car run like that? Uh, that answer would be none Bob! By the way, that engine has been in her car for 5 years now and has had nothing done to it except oil changes and spark plugs put in it! Now THAT is BAD ASS!

Want to learn how to build and tune your own engines like this? Check out our highly detailed Auto Shop Videos series by clicking HERE

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