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Well, July 30th was another B-Day for me and I'm another year older. 50 is approaching faster than I ever imagined! If I had known I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself, LOL.

We didn't do too much. Went to dinner with my folks on Friday, then had a BBQ at my place on Saturday with a few old friends, had some Margaritas, smoked a couple of great cigars with my buddys and ate a great dinner.

Sunday was interesting and fun too. My wife and I took the president of Summit Racing Equipment and his wife out for a personal wine tasting tour of our area. They were ot here on vacation. He and his wife are REALLY nice people. We had a GREAT time with them and sipped a lot of good wine and had some fantastic food at the private pairing we did at Mayo Winery. He's been the president of Summit for 22 years now. They must be doing something right because they do over $36 Billion a year in sales. Yah, that was billion with a  B, not million with an M.

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