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383 Street Beast engine

383 Street Beast engine

This is one of our typical 383 street engines. You can expect an easy 400 to 450 HP out of one of these depending on how we set it up. This one is being stuffed into a small Chevy truck belonging to Merrill Monday in Santa Rosa, CA..

A typical 383 engine like this comes with a cast steel crank, I beam rods, hypereutectic pistons, a flat tappet valve train, ARP bolts everywhere, aluminum heads, roller rockers, etc. would start in the $6,500 or so area, depending on the variables and what all you want with it. Add a full roller valve train, a forged crank, forged pistons, more serious heads, etc.,  and you can figure on it being in the $8,500 - $9,000 REAL fast.

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