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How come you don't list exact prices for your engines on your site?


First off, we build CUSTOM engines. In other words, we don't pre-build engines and have them sitting on the shelf like you find with generic built crate motors that most other people sell, which also means we won't have any pre-made prices for engines. The reason for this is simple; no engine is perfect for every application. In other words, a truck will require one type of engine, where a car will require another. A boat will also require a particular type of engine compared to a hot rod. This is just one of the many reasons generic crate motors suck. It isn't all about "cubic inches", "horsepower", or "price". Even the big manufacturers, such as GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, etc. ALL have different engines in their different vehicles, such as cars compared to trucks. A truck is going to require an engine that will pull loads at lower RPMs, where a car has emphasis on fuel mileage and normal driving conditions. You don't think GM uses the same engine in their trucks as they do in their Corvette's do you? See what I mean?

If there was one great all around engne, we'd be building it. The fact of the matter is; everyone has different types of vehicles and different types of needs for how they drive, and what type of engine it will require FOR their particular needs, so there is no "one" perfect engine, which is why we don't pre-build any generic engines ahead of time. This doesn't even get into variables such as; head types and sizes, cam profiles, various valve train types, various intake systems, piston types, compression ratios, ring gaps, skirt clearances, bearing types and clearances, the types and materals of the rotating assembly, etc., etc. which all vary from application to application and all greatly vary in price regardless of how much power the engine will make. Like we say all over the place in this site, you don't buy horsepower, you buy quality and strength. You get what you pay for. If you buy cheap tools and you use them on tight bolts, they will break. If you buy quality tools and use them on tight bolts, they'll handle that kind of task for years and years because they are made of better materials that can handle it. It has nothing to do with size. A cheap Chinese made 9/16" wrench fits a bolt just as well as a quality American made 9/16" wrench will. The difference is; the cheap wrench WILL break sooner or later (most always SOONER), but the quality wrench will last for years and years and will take all the abuse you can throw at it. Imagine the cheap wrench being a cheap engine, and the size of the wrench being the "horsepower" rating. Horsepower (size) doesn't mean anything if it is going to break on you the first time you bear-down on it. Like I said, you get what you pay for. Engines are no different except they are more expensive and MUCH more difficult to replace, so you want to get a good quality one the first time around so it'll be designed for what you want to use it for and so it'll last and be a good return for your money. Cheap tools are never a good investment, neither are cheap engines.

So price; Because of everything listed above and all of the variables, we couldn't possibly list every engine combination and price or we'd have to have hundreds and hundreds of different engine combos and prices listed. First are foremost, we are professional engine bulders with a world wide reputation for buiding show winning, race winning, track record setting, long lasting engines since the late 70's! EVERY engine is built by Arron himself. With that, no professional engine builder is going to work for free, or for what someone assembling generic crate motors would be paid. Again, you get what you pay for. Arron doesn't build engines that fail or that get returned. Our return rate is almost zero, and our satisfaction rate is 99.999%. on't find those kinds of numbers with any crate motor companies, period!

A quick way to get an idea of what an engine may cost is to look in our Ford Engines Gallery or our Chevy Engines Gallery and see some of the engines we build that have general prices listed. If you can't find anything there that is close to what you are looking for, then by all means, e-mail us from our Contact Us page and let us know what you're looking for and we'll put something together for you.

Keep in mind if you are price shopping; do NOT compare generic crate engine prices to custom built engine prices. Most factory built crate motors are built down in Mexico. You think they have top professional builders doing the work? You think they give a rat's ass whether your engine runs strong or not? Nope!. As far as American made crate motors, such as from mass produced companies that advertise in magazines who list rediculous horsepower ratings and cheap prices, just consider this; do you really think they are going to do excellent quality machining, have high quality parts and careful / precise assembly on something that they list at such "cheap" prices? Don't kid yourself! You get what you pay for! Just keep in mind; an engine is a BIG investment, You want to do it right, once, and be done with it. One of our custom built engines with our Bad Ass name and world wide reputation behind it assures you it'll be a better built, more powerful engine right from the get-go and it'll last longer and perform better than ANY cheaply built, generic crate motor, period. 



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