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What's the scoop on your Crash Course Auto Shop seminars?

We're sorry to say but because of space and time, we've had to stop offering our Crash Course classes. We do however HIGHLY recommend checking out our line of highly detailed "how-to" videos called "Auto Shop Videos". Just click HERE to see more.

We are now featuring hands-on, Crash Course Seminars on complete engine building, stroker engine building, head & intake manifold porting, EFI systems & tuning, performance carburetor rebuilding & tuning, performance ignition systems & tuning, electrical & wiring, and many more subjects.

These are small classes held inside our shop, taught by Arron himself. The classes are designed as "Crash Courses" which are shorter in length than other schools because we cut-out all of the mumbo-jumbo other schools make you go through before you get to the fun, hands-on part. With our Crash Course Seminars, you get one-on-one attention and hands-on experience EVERY hour of EVERY class! To find out more, please click HERE.

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Click here to view our 1 minute Auto Shop Videos commercial