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434 Small block Chevy

434 Small block Chevy

This is one of our typical, bad to the bone 434 small block Chevy's. If you want upwards of 550-600 HP (all throttle, no bottle), on pump gas in a streetable engine, this is what you want. We can configure them in any way you want, to suit your car and driving needs. Want something even nastier? You want BIG TIME torque? Try one of our 454 cubic inch small blocks. They look identical to this 434 on the outside. Of course (as with ANY of our engines), we can set these up for nitrous, or with superchargers (or both for those of you with BIG balls and big budgets), or any way you want one.

These engines start off with a Motown race block that we go though and straighten up. They are never ready to go when you get them. We'll add a nice fully balanced 4340 forged steel crank, 6" 4340 H beam rods, JE super lite pistons, Total Seal plasma moly rings, a custom ground roller cam with light weight transfer bar roller lifters, Edelbrock Victor Jr. heads (or AFR for an additional charge), ARP studs, chrome moly push rods, super light Pro Magnum roller rockers, a port matched Super Victor manifold and a Quick Fuel Technology carb among many other things.

This particular engine went into the Keith Parker's 72 Stingray in our Gallery. It runs in the American Iron class and has set class records at Thunder Hill and Sears Point, and was the class champion the first year he drove it. You ain't gonna get that kind of performance out of ANY generic crate engine!

Something like this typically runs in the $11,500 - $13,500 or so area depending on the variables of what you want.

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