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408 Ford stroker with Mas-Flo EFI

408 Ford stroker with Mas-Flo EFI

This is one of our 408 Ford strokers with a Mas-Flo EFI system. We designed this one for making pure torque. It'll pull like a diesel right off the line. Of course it sports our usual forged crank, 4340 H beam rods and JE pistons, plus a big breathing .600" hydraulic roller cam and AFR heads among many other things. As with all of our engines, we can custom tailer an engine to suit your exact needs. Why buy a generic, pre-built "crate engine" when you can have us custom build a super high quality engine exactly the way YOU want it?

Something like this can easily run in the $13,500 or so area considering an EFI system like this costs about $4,000 all by itself. Hey, hamburgers used to be 50 cents too. Nothin's cheap anymore, but then again, we don't build "cheap" engines. If you're price shopping, just remember.... Ya get what ya pay for!

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