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351W Ford street engine

351W Ford street engine

This is another typical 351W "street beast" style configuration. A VERY mild, VERY streetable engine that typically makes anywhere from 395 to 430 HP depending on how it's set-up. As you can see, they can come in pretty much any configuration you want. This one has a rear sump oil pan for cars set-up with a power rack and pinion steering conversion, and the customer wanted it without the water pump. That's just one of the nice things about getting a custom built engine. You get it the way YOU want it! You can't get options like that with a generic crate engine....

Again, you can expect to shell out anywhere from about $6,500 or so (for a flat tappet cam version), on up to about $7,500 - $8,000 or so for one of these with a killer roller valve train, depending on the variables and what else you want with it. if you want a more serious engine, or one with more accessories, it can jump you into the $9,000 or so are REAL fast. It all adds-up, but you get what you pay for.

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