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Bear 2 Cobra

Bear 2 Cobra

This beautiful Superformance Cobra is owned by Mike Berthoud (pronounced Bear-2). It has a healthy aluminum headed, full roller 428 FE in it with a pretty rare "6-V" set-up (three 2 barrels). It came-in due to some ignition issues that we fixed for him.

We work on all kinds of Cobra's, from real one's, to Factory Five, Superformance, West Coast and other's, from building complete rip-roaring drive trains for them or just doing some good performance tuning, to just general maintanance.

If you've ever been to Mayo Winery in Glen Ellen, then you'd tasted Mike's magic. He's their award winning wine maker, and an old friend of mine.

Bear 2 Cobra
428 cobra jet
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