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Jerry's Injected Camaro

Jerry's Injected Camaro

This incredible looking, full tube chassis, injected big block 69 Camaro belongs to Jerry Senguinetti. We built him the black, blown & nitroused 74 Camaro you'll see in this gallery with the silver tribal flames. This is his other car we're doing for him.

As cool as this car looks, (and it has won PLENTY of shows, including Goodguys), this big block engine is coming-out and what's going back in it is a new, blown & injected 540 cubic inch big block from hell! The new engine is just about finished, so we'll be putting pictures of it on here soon. Keep an eye out for it!!

injected Camaro
injected big block
injected camaro

This is the blown & injected 540 beast we built to replace the old injected big block.

bad ass camaro
blown camaro
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