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Blown small block marine engine

Blown small block marine engine

This is a blown alcohol small block Chevy we built for a 17 Ft. river rat flat bottom boat a few years back, that still spits-out 100 yard long rooster tails at over 120 MPH. It has a B&M 420 supercharger that is quite over driven making about 17 psi of boost. You can tell by the large pulley on the crank and the smaller pulley on the blower for making big time boost. It has extensively worked Dart heads*, an all forged rotating assembly, a roller valve train and lots of other goodies, topped-off with a pair of sideways mounted alcohol Holley's.

* The ONLY time we'll use cast iron heads on a blower engine is if it is built to run on alcohol. Anyone wanting to run, or trying to sell you an iron headed supercharged gas engine needs to have their head examined because you're just ASKING for detonation problems.

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