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So you want a Bad Ass engine. Here's what you need to know.

We get people wanting prices for our engines on a daily basis, but the problem is; we can't give you a price, or a suggestion for what you might want for your car, until we know certain things ABOUT your car, and HOW you will be driving / using it, and more importantly, that YOU know certain things so we can design the best all around performer for what your looking for.

Here's what WE need to know first:

What kind of car you have? Manual or automatic trans? If you have an automatic trans, what kind of torque converter are you running? What kind of rear-end gears do you have? How you will be driving the car & what do you intend to use it for?

Below are some things that YOU need to know first, and please consider that I've already taken a LOT of time and put a LOT of effort into this so YOU can be as informed and as educated as possible so YOU can make the BEST decision for yourself so you don't buy something and regret it later. An engine is a big investment. I know this, which is why I am supplying you with a LOT of information to help you make the right choice, whether you end up buying something from us, or from someone else. What you THINK you might want and what may actually be best for you are most often two entirely different things. We want to help you to be as informed as possible so you can make the right choices and get exactly what you are looking for without paying for things that are not up to par, or are WAY over kill.

Again, an engine is a big investment... you want to do this right, once, and be done with it, and get the best bang for your buck. It REALLY sucks when you get something that;
A) You THOUGHT you were getting, or was misrepresented as a "great" engine but was really nothing special at all when compared to a REAL quality engine. 
B) You didn't really want, or need. 
C) That doesn't perform as well as it could have, or SHOULD have.  
D) Doesn't give you the best bang for your buck.
E) That doesn't live up to your expectations because you didn't convey what you wanted to suit your vehicle AND your budget.

We won't send you down the road with the wrong engine or with something that won't live up to your expectations. Our reputation and track record speaks for itself and pretty much guarantees that, but YOU need to know some things before we can begin, so PLEASE take the time to look at everything WE'VE already taken the time to provide for you below so we can best assist you in getting THE best performing engine you can possibly get, and an accurate price for what it is going to cost. Each blue subject line below is a LINK to a page on each subject. Just click on the sentence that interests you and it'll take you to the page where that info is. Also, be sure to take the time to watch the 2 videos at the bottom of this page to help you better understand why some engines appear to be more expensive, and why others are so "cheap".

If you are a Ford guy and are seeking a price, or info on a small block Ford engine, you need to click here or skip right down to #10 FIRST before you do, or decide on anything!

1) I want to get a price on an engine.

2) What's the difference between a Bad Ass Engine and a typical "crate motor"?

3) How much power can I get out of one of your engines?

4) How high will one of your Bad Ass engines rev?

5) Do you run all of your engines on a dyno before you send them out?

6) Do you want a roller cam, or a flat tappet cam in it?

7) How much would it cost if I wanted it to be a "Turn Key" engine?

8) How fast will my car be with one of your engines in it?

9) I want a radical sounding cam. Can you put one of those in for me?

10) If you want a small block Ford, you NEED to read this before you decide on an engine!

11) General engine prices just to give me an idea.

12) How come you don't list exact prices on your engines?

13) How do you ship your engines?

14) So how do we get started as far as payment goes?

There are LOTS of other questions and subjects in our Tech Tips section that will help you decide on what to go with, or what the best decision to make on any given subject about your new engine. We're here to help and we're GLAD to help, but the BOTH of us need to know certain things before we can give a price, or a suggestion that best suits your budget and needs. Check out the two videos below to get a good insight on what you need to know and consider before we move-on to how much something might cost. 

Yes, there is a LOT of info to take-in and consider BEFORE you decide on what you want, or need, but we can't give you a price, or build you THE baddest engine around, or get your car to be the performer you want it to be without the BOTH of us knowing what we need to know FIRST to make the right decisions. I'll repeat two things I've already said to help drive home the points; 1) An engine is a BIG investment. You want to do it right, once... and be done with it and not have any regrats or second thoughts later. 2)  I've already spent COUNTLESS hours writing, organizing, and providing all of this info to help YOU make the best choice. All YOU need to do is read, take-in, and consider all of this VERY VALUABLE information and make a decision for yourself. By the way, there is more info provided here than all other engines suppliers provide... COMBINED. Guess who REALLY cares that you make the right choice... and who doesn't.

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