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Color Coding to Remember

Color Coding to Remember

When working on a vehicle that has lots vacuum lines, wires, etc., under the hood that go to places that you'll never remember where, then go down to the local drug store and grab yourself some cheap fingernail polish in various colors. You can use the nail polish to put a color spot on the end of the hose, and then put the same color on the place where the hose hooked-up to, such as a hose fitting or a particular spot on your carb. Use a different color for each hose or wire. When it comes time to put everything back together, simply grab a hose with say, yellow dots on it, and match it up to the same yellow colored dots on the engine. Then do the same with a hose (or wire) with blue dots on it, and then one with pink dots, etc. Bingo, no hoses or wires hooked-up to the wrong places.  Unlike masking tape, which routinely falls off or doesn't stick very well, fingernail polish is really durable and sticks to pretty much everything, plus it's grease resistant and dries pretty fast. 

color coding

Also... if you happen to be a drag queen or a cross dresser, you just might find a color that you can use on your fingernails that matches your favorite dress, LOL!  

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