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Eric's 64 Vette

Eric's 64 Vette

This little beauty belongs to Eric Andel. It's a pretty rare 250HP 327 / Powerglide combo. It might not be the quickest or fastest thing on the road, but it sure makes up for it with class and absolute drivability. 

Eric is the 2nd owner. Somewhere along the line the original 327 was removed and a 350 was installed. Luckily the original owner saved the numbers matching 327, so once Eric got it, he wanted to put it all back to stock.

We pulled the 350 out and completely rebuilt the original 327. Eric wanted a little more power out of the 327 without making it appear that anything was changed, so after doing all of the machining (except for decking the block to save the original numbers), we upgraded a few internals such as adding ARP main & rod bolts, hypereutectic pistons with almost 2 points higher in compression. Better bearings & rings. A better, more modern cam pofile to help this little 327 make some good torque, and we cut-out the tiny little valves and installed larger one's, plus unshrouded the combustion chambers to help the valves flow better. We also added some Comp Cams roller tipped rockers to upgrade the valve train a bit. All in all it looks bone stock, except it has about 65 - 75 more HP and Ft. Lbs of torque than it did in its stock trim.

Eric's 64 Vette
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