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Small block Ford street engine

Small block Ford street engine

This is a typical street small block Ford with a few extras, such as a water pump, pulleys, a Milodon oil pan and so on that the customer wanted us to install. Want a turn key engine? We can do that. Want one without the oil pan, timing cover and other exterior bolt-ons? No problem. When you buy a custom built engine, you can have it just about any way you want it, and that's why we don't pre-build ANY of our engines before hand.

This particular engine went into a 65 Mustang fastback. It runs 12's at the race track and drives like a real jewel. We build a LOT of engines like this, and many more that are bigger, badder and more radical for Mustangs, Cobra kit cars, etc. We can custom build one to suit your exact needs.

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