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545 cubic inch Ford stroker

545 cubic inch Ford stroker

If you are looking for big time, axle twisting torque for your ride, one of our 545 cubic inch Ford strokers will certainly do the trick. This one is set-up for road racing and has a nicely massaged set of Victor Jr. SCJ heads, a .720" solid roller cam, JE pistons, a billet steel crank and super long, 6.700" 4340 H beam connecting rods to name a few little goodies. Just like any of our engines, we can custom tailer one to your specific needs and budget. You can expect an easy 600 HP on pump gas from one of these. Of course this one makes about 100 more than that, but you get the idea.

Something like this (without a billet steel crank) typically runs in the $9,500 - $10,000 or so area. Start adding things like a $3,000 billet crank and polished goodies to the outside and it goes up from there pretty fast.

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