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383 stroker race engine

383 stroker race engine

This is a picture of a road race prepped 383 Chevy. It has ultra light JE pistons, 6" 5140 steel rods, a 4340 steel crank, a fully studded bottom-end with windage tray and a hand fitted crank scraper, a custom solid roller cam with almost .700" lift, a set of worked-over Dart "Pro-1" CNC ported heads, Jesel shaft rockers with the needle bearing tip option, a ported Super Victor intake, MSD billet distributor and a whole slew of other goodies.

Of course if you wanted somethig like this for your car, we can alter or change ANYTHING to suit your poarticular needs. That's the beauty of having a custom engine built specifically for your particular application. You just can't get that with a generic crate motor!

Typically something like this, with all of the Jesel shaft rockers and goodies in it would run in the $13,000 or so area. This same set-up MINUS Jesel rockers would be in the $10,000 - $11,000 or so area.

Keep in mind, this particular engine uses an early  factory "010" 350 4 bolt main block. The Sprint car guys use those same blocks in the 360 classes running 650-700HP and they last just fine running at 8,000 RPM all night. This guy wanted to use his existing block, but if you wanted something like this with a killer after market race block, expect to pay a good $2,500 or so more right from the get-go, and remember.... NO after market blocks are ready to go when you get them. They ALL need cleaning-up and finishing off, so expect to pay a little more than what the price of just an after market block costs.

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