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Wyo-Tech and UTI Alternatives and Enhancements


Thinking about going to Wyo-Tech, UTI or another automotive training school but can't really afford it or can't leave home for a long period of time? There is an alternative that IS affordable that you DO have time for that you can do right in your own home. That's right! Auto Shop Videos brings the auto shop class right into your own home with HIGHLY detailed "how-to" videos. Even if you can afford a training school like Wyo-Tech or UTI, these extremely detailed DVDs can help enhance your learning experience and put you ahead of the class by giving you a head-start over everyone else by giving you additional knowledge BEFORE you leave for school.

The cool thing with Auto Shop Videos is that you can watch them over and over again to get every little detail out of them, or to get that "refersher" if, and when, you ever need it. These videos don't glaze-over anything. They have between 3 to 5 hours of highly detailed info in them, hosted by well known performance & race engine and car builder, Arron Johnson, owner of the famed Bad Ass Cars! It's like having your own personal teacher on your own TV, and best of all, these videos are affordable!

Be sure to check out the Auto Shop Videos page by clicking HERE, or go to and give them a try. They are absolutely second to none, which is why world renowned places like Summit Racing, Jeg's, Speedway Motors, Competition Products and hundreds of others carry & sell them, and why they are endorsed by performance industry leaders such as Vic Edelbrock, Mike Thermos, Craig Railsback and many others. Even Jay Leno loves them!

Titles available are Engine Building, Performance Carburetors, Nitrous Oxide, Superchargers, Rotating Assemblies, Heads - Porting & Valve Trains, and Performance Engines & Strokers. Get yours today, and remember... Knowledge is Horsepower!

Wyo-Tech and UTI


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