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EFI big block Chevy

EFI big block Chevy

If lots of power AND getting decent gas mileage interests you, then a big block Chevy like this one outfitted with an Edelbrock EFI system might be the way to go. This particular engine is in the 530+ HP and 580 Ft Lbs of torque area in very tame trim. This one features an all forged rotating assembly with a Scat 4340 crank & rods, Speed Pro forged pistons, a nice custom ground hydraulic roller cam with lightweight (transfer bar type) roller lifters, Clevite bearings, ARP bolts everywhere, Edelbrock rectangle port heads, a port matched Edelbrock intake manifold, and of course the Edelbrock EFI system. We set a lot of engines and cars up with EFI systems. This one happens to be custom painted to match the show car it is going into.

BBC with EFI

If you want to see what this kind of raw torque can do in a street car, then watch the video below that a cusomer of ours after he installed one of our "high torque" big blocks, and you'll get the idea.

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