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462 small block monster engine

462 small block monster engine

This may look like a typical small block Ford at first glance, but it is actually one of the very first 462 cubic inch small block monster engines ever built! Yes, that’s right… 462 cubic inch SMALL BLOCK! It can actually go out to 470 cubes, but the block is as far out as it can go at that point. 

I built this for Dan Mroz’ Superformance Cobra, which is in our gallery. He loved the 351W I built him, but he was getting beat by a couple of cocky guy’s that had beefed up 514 Ford crate engines in their cars, so he called me and asked what I could build to blow those guys away with a small block that could still run on pump gas and be streetable, so I designed this 462 for him.

It is based on one of the very first World “Man-o-War” blocks (which needed a LOT of work to make all of this work). It has a gorgeous custom made 4340 crank, (actually it is THE very first 4.250" stroke crank Scat ever made!), 6.250” H beam rods and a set of custom made JE pistons specially designed for this beast. It has a healthy roller cam and a set of race series AFR 225 heads to name a few goodies.

Dan owns a shop back in Indiana that has a chassis dyno, so after he got this beast, he installed it into his car and ran it on his dyno. It made what computes out to 640 horsepower at the flywheel on pump gas! Dan said this thing roars so nasty, the walls in his 8 bay shop shook like an earthquake! It is THE most powerful naturally aspirated, engine he has had on his dyno! Now those guy’s with the wanna-be 514 big block crate engines run home crying because they get their asses stomped by a truly BAD ASS small block! 

You want something this Bad Ass for your ride? Expect to shell out about $15,000 or so for one. Something like this ain't cheap. If it was, everyone would be driving around with 640HP pump gas 462 cubic inch street engines in their cars, and that just ain't the way it is. 


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