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This is what we have to deal with on a daily basis!

What people don't understand is that we get a hundred or so emails a day and dozens and dozens of phone calls from people all over the world wanting free info on things like what's the best engine for their car? What's the best cam? What's the best set of heads? What kind of stall converter should they get? What kind of gearing should the run? What kind of carb should they get? How do they set the timing on their engine?, etc, as if we're here to be on the phone all day or typing long, detailed emails out to give people step-by-step personal instructions and advice on how to make their car as awesome as it can be. keep in mind, we get upwards of 1 million people a month on our web site. Not "hits" but actual visitors. Only a small percentage actually contact us, but a small percentage of 1 million people or so is a LOT of people to deal with.

Just so you get an idea of what we get on a daily basis, here is an actual word-for-word email we got (and we get MANY just like this one all of the time) from some dork who "says" he wants a price on an engine;
"how much is it for a fuel injected 454 bored 60 over with 11 and a half inch pistons an over size cam camel hump heads with two super chargers or twin turbos. its going in a 96 camaro with an automatic transmission and 411 pos rear-end currently has an lt1 looking for something bigger with more power and torque it will be my daily driver."

So... first off, does it sound like this guy is even serious, as if something like this (if were even possible to build) would be a good "daily driver"? Not to mention numerous other things such as; an engine with "11 and a half inch pistons" would be an engine that is about 5 feet in length and width, and probably in the neighborhood of 2,000 cubic inches. Okay, so maybe that was a typo and he meant 11.5:1 "compression", as if that is even useable with today's crappy pump gas, or even compatible with forced induction? How about an "oversized cam"? Yes, I guess if an engine has almost a foot in diameter bore, a cam would be a bit "oversized" to fit in such an engine! Then there's the "camel hump heads". Uh, those are SMALL BLOCK heads idiot, and they are archaic, old cast iron heads that by today's standards aren't worth their weight in cast iron! We're not in the 1960's any more! I'd LOVE to see how someone could bolt a set of small block "camel hump" heads onto a big block. That would be interesting! And then the two superchargers. Sure, one $5,000 supercharger isn't enough, so let's fabricate a custom manifold and all of the pulleys, etc to get dual superchargers to mount and work. You could build an entire running big block for less than the cost of that feature alone! The whole email is just ridiculous, and we get them ALL of the time!

So, this is why we have such a detailed engine prices page packed with info on engines we build, price ranges, what to look for, what to ask for, what NOT to be looking for, etc, and why many emails simply don't get answered, as well as why we don't (or CAN'T) pick-up the phone much. There's nothing worse than being right in the middle of concentrating on something, or machining, fitting, etc and you drop everything to answer the phone and some dork is on the other end wanting to know what's the best cam for him to buy through his mail order catalog, or how much is an engine like the one I outlined above. It's freakin' annoying! Now ya know and that's my rant, LOL.


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