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545 Ford stroker engine

545 Ford stroker engine

This 545 cubic inch big block Ford stroker went into a little 33 Ford Highboy roadster in Texas owned by a guy named Lee Novikoff. Lee wanted something that would make balls out torque rather than concentrating on “horsepower” (a smart move by the way!), so I designed this monster for him. It has all of the usual internals such as a steel crank, 6.700” H beam rods, JE pistons, a custom roller cam designed for big time, low-end torque, a set of nicely ported Edelbrock SCJ heads, topped off with a set of polished 48 IDA Webers.

The entire block was smoothed out and painted with black car paint, as was the oil pan. Everything else was polished to a mirror finish.

On the dyno this beast made over 700 Ft. Lbs of torque! That is as much torque as one of the new Dodge Diesel trucks with a chip! Can you imagine that kind of raw axle twisting torque in a car that weighs about 1,900 Lbs? Sounds like a fun car to me!

Something like this isn't for someone on a budget. This baby ran in the $19,000 area by the time everything was all said and done. Figure, that manifld alone with all of the polishing and chrome was $6,000 all by itself. Do the math from there and it adds up REAL quick for a complete, dyno'd, turn key monster. Hey, if it was cheap, EVERYONE would have something like this in their car, and that just ain't the case.

545 Ford Stroker Engine

Beautiful Weber IDF's on top, all polished & chromed for a mean & unique look.


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