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The Ultimate Gift Package!

Are you looking for a VERY SPECIAL - Ultimate Gift for the gear head in your family at a very special price? Well look no further because we have it! This specially priced Gift Package comes with all 7 of our DVD titles, (over 36 hours of highly detailed information!), PLUS a very cool Bad Ass Cars T-shirt, PLUS  2 hard to get Bad Ass Cars decals, PLUS a very special picture post card personalized for whoever you'd like, written and signed by Arron himself, PLUS an additional bonus (scroll down to find out!), all at a VERY special / money saving price!

This offer is only available for this Ultimate Gift Package.  

Whether it's Father's Day, Christmas, or a Birthday... giving the gift of knowledge is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give, and with the additional cool T-shirt, the 2 hard to get Bad Ass Racing decals, AND the personalized post card from Arron himself, PLUS the additional special bonus (scroll down to see what it is), it makes the gift even that more special!

ultimate gift package

In this Ultimate Gift Package you get all 7 of our DVDs for the price of 6! You'll get a Power Pack set containing 6 titles, PLUS the additional title to make this a 7 title set! Here's what you'll get:

  • Engine Building
  • Rotating Assemblies
  • Heads, Porting & Valve Trains
  • Performance Carburetors
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Superchargers

Plus the additional title: 

  • Performance Engines & Strokers
Ultimate Gift Package




Plus a cool Bad Ass Cars T-Shirt!

ultimate gift package

You'll also get 2 FREE decals AND a very special personalized post card from Arron himself!

This is a FANTASTIC GIFT idea for Christmas, a Birthday, Father's Day, graduation, or for ANY TIME!

(Make sure you let us know who the message is to, and what it's for in the "Delivery Instructions or Comments" section on the order form when you place your order.)  

Edelbrock carburetor

But wait... there's more! As an additional bonus, when you buy the Ultimate Gift Package, you'll also get a FREE official Edelbrock carburetor installation and tuning DVD! That's right, for no additional cost you also get an authentic Edelbrock carburetor installation DVD along with your order! This official Edelbrock DVD shows you all of the basics for how to install an Edelbrock carburetor, where to hook things up such as vacuum lines, etc, and how to make all of the adjustments on it, plus how to troubleshoot it if you run into any problems. This special bonus offer is ONLY available on this web site!

Please Note: We do not ship internationally from this web site!
If you live outside the United States, please order from our sister site at

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